Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Noah Cotton, yo what’s he gotten/
himself into this time? His bro’s in asylum/
Froze in his own mind, who knows why he’s talking/
bizarre stuff like “nano” and “macro”. This jargon/
is nonsense. And who is this Bugman he’s warning him?/
What could have happened? What memory’s haunting him?/
Just wants some answers. He just wants his brother/
Instead he’s approached by some people who want him/
to join them fighting this sick corporation/
Trying to control our minds and enslave us/
And while Noah’s fighting and trying to save us/
it’s likely that he will just die or go crazy/
BZRK is the book. Michael Grant is the name/
of the author look, y’all, he’s clearly insane/
Talking about people hijacking brains/
with nanotechnology, spliced DNA/
The concept is frightening, writing is tight/
And he switches perspectives to all in the fight/
Hero or villain, you’re inside their minds/
It’s like you were a biot who climbed in their eyes/
This ain’t the book with picturesque images/
Beautiful landscapes and romantic kisses/
It’s close up descriptions of blown off appendages/
Lightning fast action and heightened suspense/
It’s got battle scenes - gritty and raw and intense/
The plot is non-stop and keeps drawing you in/
Till you’re lost in the midst of an awesome adventure/
that grips you and holds you enthralled till the end/

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