Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lady Luck Has a Black Heart

Luck ain’t a lady. She’s deceitful and shady/
Maybe sweet when you first meet but yo she’s cheating you later/
You’re buying drinks and diamond rings and anything to placate her/
And while you think she’s on your team she’s tossing winks at the waiter/
She’s a player. Her game is tying strings to your heart/
Got you wrapped around her finger, on a leash from the start/
She’s tugging hard. Each and every single touch is a charm/
Dropped her gloves off with the coatcheck girl. Now stroking your arm/
She’s working you, playing your emotions like a song/
Humming melodies of guilt. Make you think you done wrong/
Strumming rhythms of manipulation, mother to son/
Drumming beats of deceit. Always running a con/
She’s a pro and you never know what team she’s with/
Is she the damsel in distress, just sweet and innocent/
Classmate that’s pleading with you to help her with a threat?/
Blackmail is what she said but can you trust this chick?/
Don’t look now. Here comes another wardrobe switch/
Now she’s wearing a badge and her crew’s legit/
She’s a Fed and she’s wanting you to choose her clique/
Uncle Sam is drooling for your unusual gift/
Transformer! Yo there’s more than meets the eye with you, kid/
Still she wants to hustle, trying to play you like some two bit/
Mark, but her target is off. Watch her shoot, miss/
Ain’t no one can tag you unless they’re teaming up with cupid/
Stupid! Left your heart unguarded and she swooped in/
Daughter of the crime boss only one who’s speaking truth/
And tied your soul in knots and you’re not even trying to loose it/
The love of your life but she might cause you to lose it/
Who’s this? Yet another role this woman’s acting/
Most dangerous form. She’s controlling all the action/
Representing Jersey yo the name is Holly Black/
And her literary curses, they’re gonna keep you coming back!/

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